Fundraising & Events

Brief summary

One of the key aims of any P&C Association is to raise money to support their school – and we’re no different! We love to dream up fun ways to raise funds that go right back to our community, helping to make school better every day for every student.

In 2024, the Year of Community, we continue to work on ways to bring our Village together – to celebrate friendships, learn from each other and to work collaboratively on our aim to support the school and our children’s education.

This year, we’ve raised the bar with an ambitious fundraising goal of $113,500. Together, we’re dedicated to supporting the school by providing funds for:

  • Learning & Support Teacher
  • 12 months lease of a bus 

prioritise aligning our efforts and events with LLV’s principles and values, aiming to cultivate connections and inclusivity. We aspire to be a positive influence, benefiting not only our school but also the broader community.