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Welcome to the Lindfield Learning Village P&C Association - Friends of the Village!

FOTV is an enthusiastic and engaged P&C Association, formed in 2019 as our school began its first official year of education. It has always been, and will continue to be, our intent to support the extraordinarily innovative work of LLV, as we re-imagine school as a place to create independent, resilient, lifelong learners who possess the dispositions required for success in their life within and beyond school.

We are proud of our connected and collaborative community and are continually seeking ways to bring our people together in meaningful and enjoyable ways. We are committed to strengthening the sense of belonging for everyone in our Village and we would love you to join us.
FOTV President, January 2022 - May 2024

FOTV Values

FOTV values define who we are, how we operate and why we work so passionately for each other.

Friends of the Village (FOTV) abides by these four values, both operationally and aspirationally. They are the guiding principles for everything that we do as a P&C Association. It is the role of the FOTV Leadership Team to ensure that these values are evident in all FOTV activities and communications.


We will listen intentionally and work productively with every member of the FOTV community to ensure that all voices are heard and all opinions are considered.


We will foster and facilitate connection between parents & carers via multiple channels and events. We understand the significant value that parents & carers gain from being connected with each other.


As a parent & carer community, we will be enthusiastic in everything that we do. Positivity, vibrancy and energy will proliferate in our community, overcoming any obstacles that stand in our way.


Every person is welcome in our community. We value the important contribution that every single parent or carer can and will make. New members will be received warmly and encouraged to participate to the level that they desire.


"FOTV is passionate about connecting parents & carers with each other and the school, so that as a community we can collaborate, ideate and innovate; creating new norms for how children experience their education."

Jason Wong

President 2020-21, Friends of the Village

What we do. .

Friends of the Village is an active community of parents and carers of students attending Lindfield Learning Village. Being part of one of the most innovative schools in Australia, we are bold, creative and positive in the way that we do things.

The key aims of Friends of the Village are:

  • foster connection and facilitate communication in the parent & carer community

  • raise funds for use in school programs, facilities maintenance and teacher support

  • leverage the skills, expertise and time of an engaged parent & carer community for the benefit of the learning journey of LLV students


FOTV Members in 2023


FOTV Working Groups in 2024

over $75K

Donated by parents & carers in 2023

over $60K

Raised by our Fundraising & Events projects in 2023

Meet The Leadership Team

The FOTV Leadership Team is responsible for overall management of the P&C association and ensuring that activities, initiatives and partnering with the school is consistent with the FOTV values.  Leadership Team members are elected by FOTV members each year at the FOTV AGM.

Top, from left: Linda Hearne (Secretary), Verena Conti (General Member – Fundraising & Events), Stan Belchev (General Member – Tech).

Bottom, from left: Don Willis (Treasurer), Kat Piotrowski (Vice President), Lisa Griffiths (President January 2022 – May 2024), Danya Webb (Acting President).


FOTV is an incorporated association under the P&C Federation of NSW.  We are governed by the Federation’s Prescribed Constitution and our own By-Laws.

Certificate of Incorporation

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P&C Association Constitution

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