General Meetings

General Meetings of Friends of the Village take place once a term. They are usually held at the school and the meetings are chaired by the President of the Lindfield Learning Village P&C Association - 'Friends of the Village'.

Please note: You do not need to be a registered member to attend FOTV meetings or events. That said, only registered members are able to vote on P&C Motions and in elections.

'Friends of the Village is shaped by the school’s values and aims to honour and enact the Lindfield Learning Village 'Code of Collaboration' in all interactions.'

Jill McLachlan

President, Friends of the Village, Inaugural School Year, 2019

Upcoming General Meetings

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FOTV Term 2 2021 General Meeting

The Term 2 Friends of the Village General Meeting will be held via Zoom. Call out for questions to Stephanie to be submitted by 19th May to the FOTV Secretary

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